Pantheon Vendor Legal Center


Vendor Agreements Guidelines

Version 12.0

Effective November 5, 2020

Table of Contents

Welcome to Pantheon Legal Center for Vendor Agreements!

How to use this platform:
This legal center is a repository of latest Pantheon Vendor Agreements. A list of available templates are on the left side of this page. For any questions on which template applies to your engagement, you can reach out to your stakeholder at Pantheon or email

The first step for all vendors is to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) prior to starting any engagement with the company.
Once this document has been signed, please proceed to the documents available below.

What are the documents available? (To download the proper documents, please click on the corresponding links in the menu bar)
  • Sign Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA): Signed by a vendor prior to any engagement with Pantheon.
  • Submit a Statement of Work Request (SOW) or Vendor Work Order (WO), as applicable: Vendors who would like to bid or offer a service to Pantheon may fill up this form. Linked to both forms is our Global Services Agreement. (For vendor contracts with a contract value of more than $3,000; or the contract term is more than 30 days; or if vendor has any access to Pantheon's sensitive information; or other high contractual risks, the SOW shall be used. If your services do not meet any of these qualifications, the Vendor WO shall be used. If in doubt, please contact your Pantheon POC or
  • Sign additional required documents for data access: Vendors with access to Pantheon's data as a business requirement must additionally sign the following (a) Data Processing Agreement and (b) Supplemental Agreement for IT policies acknowledgment. For a copy of Pantheon's IT policies, you may contact
  • Change Orders: If changes are needed to your existing SOW on Pantheon's standard template, submit these requests by Change Order.
  • Once vetted by the company, Pantheon stakeholder will send vendor the link to the Vendor Requirement Form.
Note: Should a Mutual Agreement or any changes to these templates are needed, please contact your Pantheon POC to provide you the necessary documents.

For any other concerns, inquiries or issues encountered, please email